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The story behind BodyTalks 

I'm Aline,
the founder of BodyTalks.


Not so long ago, I found myself trapped in a sense of stagnation.... not knowing where I stood in life, not knowing why I didn't know where I stood, and worst, not knowing how to change the odds.

After numerous breakdowns, I oscillated between desperation and an unwavering belief in persevering "at all costs". But a whisper from my soul begged for something more, something greater.

I heeded the call for freedom – a freedom I discovered when I stopped chasing rewards outside my body, faced my emotions, and listened to the untold story my body yearned to share.

As I transitioned towards a life that celebrated freedom, I wanted to wear my story with pride.  Breaking free from the chains, I finally granted myself the opportunity to create artwork that reflected my true self and create a body practice that inspires movement, reflection, and healing.

That's where the story of BodyTalks starts. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that our bodies are sacred vessels that bear witness to the stories of beauty and trauma that have shaped our lives. I'm here to encourage you to heed your body's wisdom and honor its needs with rest, nourishment, movement, presence, and breath.


In our bodies, we find the path to celebrate our true essence. I stand by the conviction that each person should be empowered to fully embody their most authentic self through love and nurturing experiences within their body.


This is the BodyTalks Academy's commitment and mission.

Private Classes and a new Membership Program

In addition to our private classes to provide personalized guidance on your path and a range of well-minded, comfortable, and sustainable products, we have an exciting program in the works, designed to take your journey to the next level!

Soul Solace Program


Whether you're seeking more ease and flow in your daily routine or aiming for a major leap in your quest for deeper healing and liberation, this program is tailored based on the knowledge from years of a self-exploratory journey.




We're never alone in our quest for healing and liberation. Together, we can rewrite the narrative from viewing our bodies as sick or problematic to embracing them as our most powerful allies.

Our Annual

Holiday Sale

Comfortable and sustainable products that support you strike the balance that allows you to feel strong and beautiful inside and out.

Our store offers a wide array of products and essentials, all carefully created to assist you in achieving that equilibrium while promoting self-love and self-care through our high-quality products designed to cater to all body types.

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